The writer’s tool box is the most helpful article that was posted. This article taught me a lot about writing techniques and how to improve the ones I already have, and teach me new ones. Throughout high school I wasn’t really taught much about how to write it was just assumed we knew how to. So reading through this article really helped me I am now more confident in my writing and I feel as if I will be able to portray what I’m trying to say to my readers more clearly and can understand better. It also taught me that just because a sentence is wordy doesn’t mean that it is a good sentence, most of the time a short to the point one is a lot better than a wordy one, it’s harder to figure out the meaning of it. I love the play on words, I think subtle humor is the funniest so seeing a quick play on words really helps me relate the article more and I want to read more from the author. The article also taught me more creative outlets, like the word lists where you compare to more offbeat things I am going to try to use that more in my writings.


I really enjoyed this tutorial I think that it is going to be really helpful for my project, it taught me a lot about using different outlets in media. I think that video and photos are the most interesting. I like that they gave examples of different situations that would use video or any other media. I think that using graphs and data in articles is very important it visualizes numbers and ideas for people where it may be a little confusing and hard to grasp. Although text is the most important thing in an article, it summarizes everything and lays out the story and can go into more depth than a picture or video can, and the reader can re-read for clarity which is easier than trying to find the spot over again in a video. I’m not a big fan of just audio, I find that I become very distracted, but if it is the background to a slide show it is useful and informational.

I found it was interesting that you should use certain social outlets for different types of media. Especially since there is so many new outlets emerging almost on the daily. I also found this article to be extremely helpful with our upcoming project, Steve Buttry touches upon a lot of different aspects of journalism and explains them briefly but enough for the reader to understand what he is talking about. I also thought that his entry on theft was very interesting I would of thought that he would of been very against stealing ideas, but he made it out to be borrowing them or expanding on them, and talking to the originator before doing anything first. Buttry made me realize that writing a piece of journalism takes time it isn’t just a quick report you actually have to put a lot of time and effort into it, in order to make it worth reading. And also make your ideas realistic, it could be a great idea but its not going to happen if you don’t have the means to do it.

I like how this website is set up, with the breaking news stories first, and then the featured down below. I find that it is easy to navigate and I would be able to find what I was looking for with ease. I also like how they kept the videos, audio and multimedia separate, which is nice I personally don’t like them to be mixed together because it can be misleading, you may think that one story is print and it ends up being a video so you may not be able to learn about what was being discussed at the time, because you don’t have to time to watch a video or you’re on the go and wanted something to read. I also like that is about the neighborhoods in New York City not just wall street or important rich areas, everyone’s voice is now heard.

“City to Mission Drivers: Slow Down”

This is a feature story, you can tell this by the first paragraph where Heather Smith paints a picture, it is introduced very story like. Unlike breaking news where information is shot out at you. I think that what the article is talking about is a good idea, lowering the speed limit in the surrounding area around the schools, especially where children are walking around. If a car veers off going at a very fast speed it will cause more damage than a car going 15 miles per hour. It will also help save the city money with less accidents, you’ll need less emergency care.

Ever since the internet news and journalism has shifted. It used to be that only certain people conveyed the news (newspaper reporters, radio talk show hosts, etc) but now since the internet, anyone can report news. With blogs people can comment and put in their two sense or tell the writer information he may of not of known. So now with the internet, anyone can report the news. Also now since the regular person is now more involved with news it is more of a “seminar than a lecture” you pick what you want to hear and you can react more directly. I learned that even though the internet fueled people to speak their opinion and report what they see, it has been around since the days of the constitution, and the people who reported were listened to not just pushed to the way side (Thomas Paine). I think that the internet is a good thing for journalism, it gets more people involved and you’re able to filter it, you can read what you want to read about, and from any point in time, you can go to a search engine and find anything you want to read about.